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[VIDEO] Yayoi Kusama's Festival of "no life" (until you get to the door)

Watch the video "Sometimes I think Yayoi Kusama might be the greatest artist to come out of the 1960s and one of the few, thanks in part to her long life, still making work that feels of the moment. Other times I think she’s a bit of a charlatan who produces more Kusama paintings than the world needs and stoops to conquer with mirrored “Infinity” rooms that attract hordes of selfie-seekers oblivious to her efforts on canvas."   Roberta Smith I had to open with this pithy POV re the World's Most Expensive Living Female Artist (as of last week; this week it might be  Jenny Saville ) - by New York Times art critic Roberta Smith. She's not the only one who vacillates... "Kusama is like Lion King," yawned a friend. "So much hype."  I admit to concurring, especially after witnessing first hand what some diehard purists would consider sacrilege: the iconic Phillip Johnson Glasshouse bedecked with Kusama's signature measles: That's