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James Kennedy: Where art meets architecture (and a lot of blue tape)

Artist and former dancer James Kennedy: precision abstractions created with an eye for the architectural and plenty of tape.  VIDEO (right) : ChelseaGallerista interviews James Kennedy in his studio (2:55 min) "I go through a tone of blue tape. It takes almost as long to mask up a painting as to paint it." James Kennedy is my latest favorite "local" artist. I say favorite, because I love practically every piece on his website . Flipping through his work is like looking through a kaleidoscope of color, line, form and some pretty deep cuts with an Exacto knife. I say "local," because I stumbled across him as normally I would, doing my Thursday night rounds of Chelsea gallery openings (when I can get out of work on time). I think I must have spent at least an hour or more in his modest workroom on a high floor in a Chelsea artists' labyrinth, going from painting to painting and back again, mesmerized by the studied surface treat