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If you can beat 'em, join 'em: Banksy's Street Residency in New York

Beware of the cheap wine - and don't forget to look at the art  For those of you chasing around after Banksy's latest meticulously orchestrated stunt, his month long "New York street residency/scavenger hunt,"   the artist's Oct 18 edition is smack in the backyard of ChelseaGallerista, on W24th St at 10th Ave.  Typically, it pokes fun at someone, in this case the gallery scene itself.   Read/listen to Banksy's own cliff notes on W24th You touch de art, I break your face - but perhaps you would like me to take a photo for you?  Under the Highline, on a pebble-strewn private lot, are two paintings hanging in an impromptu "gallery space" that are apparently collaborations with Brazilian street art twins,  Os Gemeos  (you might have trouble reading Portuguese so just Google image them). A dorning an  80-foot wall of PS1 on 21st St    is one of the twins' signature pants-yanked-up-to-the-armpits big yellow men - itself a collaboration with