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Sleep No More NYC: Macbeth Murder Mystery Mashup

Guests must wear these masks ... and remain stumm . Photo by ChelseaGallerista "I got a spare ticket to see Sleep No More tonight. Interested?" Does a chicken have hard lips? This ├╝ber-hyped "immersive theatre" production (a UK transplant) is so solidly booked to its cobwebby rafters, I hear scalpers were having a field day until it was extended through December.  Meaning, those of us slowpokes get to see it, and others with a spare $75 can return to catch what they missed first time around. There are countless reviews  of this production on the web, so what follows is Chelsea Gallerista's personal experience. Sleep No More resembles a self-guided murder mystery. It's based on MacBeth and staged in a formerly glorious, now shuttered Chelsea hotel, The McKittrick - and fitted out to the nines with creepy conviction. I read that there are 93 rooms of garage-sale tchochkes and more in a space of 100,000 square feet, and that you will never see it

Creator's Project 2011 in DUMBO

This "nanomedia" arts event happened just a few crank turns over the Brooklyn from the home of ChelseaGallerista last weekend. More words soon (but why blather when sound and pictures do it so much better?), meanwhile here's a few shots   on my Facebook page, and here's a little whip around by day - folding bikes allowed!