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Ms Sulu to you! GeekingOut with George Takei

Patrick Yacco of GeeksOut congratulates me on winning a PJ McQuade doodle of George Takei - and seems that George "liked" this photo on Facebook .  OK, it wasn't in Chelsea, but good as ... Last Friday I got an impromptu invite to an art raffle by my illustrator friend Justin Winslow . Oh how fun to be Justin's "fruit flyette" of an evening ... last time I mumbled "ok" to one of his texts I ended up in a place called the Rawhide staring up at an impressively gyrating, live advertisement for Iron Gym , one of which, like you, I own and have hanging, like yours, nowhere near a doorframe turning me into Wonder Woman or you into Big Arnie, unless you're a body conscious Chelsea boy. Yes, Chelsea is known for its gay population, although the plummet from gentrification to generification is fast turning it into another Duane Read/Rite Aide/Olive Garden 'burbia. But I digress. The event, organized by a very fun collective called  Geeks

Hirst and Banksy: Butterflies of a Feather?

Damien Hirst: Cathedral Print, Duomo 2007 - spotted at Phillips de Pury, Park Ave Evening Collections Article: 9,000 butterflies killed in Hirst's latest artwork VIDEO: Damien Hirst Retrospective at the Tate Modern, April 2012 In the space of hours my inbox has been deluged with news stories about mega-artist Damien Hirst. The first is about his  new website  complete with Hirst-cam. Two cameras (when they're switched on) are trained on his worktable, platoons of assistants and hopefully, fleeting glimpses of the man himself: The second is about a new series of Hirst multiples selling at the 2012 Affordable Art Fair , a place where, the career-conscious have told me, an artist might start, spend one, maybe two seasons ("tops"), and hopefully never "need" to return. In this exhibit, his dealer Manifold Editions is offering his spot series as woodcuts , a word my brain unfortunately flummoxes with "woodblocks" and imme