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Laughing all the way to the Banksy

"Let's go to the  Banksy opening !" My Chelsea friend loves gallery openings – free food and a chance to jolt your mind out of autopilot, even if "I could paint that." Ever since  Banksy's  reverse art-smuggling stunt at the big museums he's become the coolest of the cool, and ironically for him, a commercial success. "Think I could buy one?" I asked as we slushed our way through the first dirty snow of the year. "Well, Angelina Jolie bought one," said my friend, which more or less answered my question. Rounding the corner on W27th Street, we were met by a long line stretching from the  Vanina Holasek Gallery  to a vanishing point. Bundles of clothing stood shivering, waiting, grim faces and rubber boots, to see some iconic screenprints. "I've never seen any opening with a line like this," said my friend. "Never." The crowd, for the most part, were young and low key. Hoodies under duffels, n