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Pop-Ups, Property Promos and Pocket Paintings: New collaborations toride out the recession

Mixed media artist Rodney Durso, founder of Artbridge Last week I found myself in a couple of small, personal Chelsea art events that signal the alternative ways art is being "done" these days - largely due to the economy. The traditional way: An established gallery in a prime location which is never open Sundays, and in fact, shuts promptly at 6pm weekdays, thus winnowing out the artless tire kickers. Staff, of whom you see only the very top of their heads behind the high reception desk, basically ignore you if you wander in without an appointment, because they are busy dealing in cyberspace ... unless you're an art target of course. The new way: slap up, pop up, art up. Let's look at three different "recession suppression" happenings I stumbled on in the same week: THE POP UP Rodney Durso  and  Blair Bradshaw : Together Again  Press Release Blair Bradshaw flanked by "Burr" and "Hamilton" Rodney Durso (