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Michael Albert: The Snap Crackle Pop Artist

While strolling around Chelsea on an off-gallery night, I noticed a panel of light coming from under a darkened alcove. There, I discovered Michael Albert , a self-styled post Warhol artist who calls himself a "Cerealist". The joy he takes in doing his art, a love of igniting the imagination of children, and his astute business acumen and juice business make him one artsy entrepreneur whose enthusiasm is infectious .... Watch the movie ... Cerealism , according to Albert, is the name he gives to his collages, largely made from cut out letters and images from cereal boxes. The letters are painstakingly arranged into large works "spelling out" manifestos like the Constitution, the Gettysburg address, the streets of Manhattan, the states of Connecticut ...  the latter two geographically correct too. Each collage takes several months to finish, and the exhibition represented over 10 years of hard cut and paste. And curiously absorbing they are, once yo