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Chris Verene: unvarnished moments in family history

My Cousin Heidi In Her Renaissance Fair Dress, 2006 [VIDEO] ChelseaGallerista meets Chris Verene at Postmasters Gallery, 2010 All photos from except where noted IF you live in a Manhattan studio, one thing you can't collect too much of is books - especially the giant, panoramic, coffee table kind (unless you plan to use them as a coffee table). But I do own a handful: one fifth  Milton Glaser , one fifth a Picasso catalog from the Paris leg of my Damien Hirst Spot Challenge , one fifth Jan Kempenaers' Spomenik  (because you just have to). And two-fifths American documentary photographer, Chris Verene . Chris signing my treasured copies of  "Chris Verene" (2000) and "Family" (2010),  beautifully produced by Twin Palms Publishers. Photo by a friendly bystander.  I met Chris at his show at Postmasters Gallery on the auspicious date of 10/10/10. I already owned two of his books: Chris Verene (2000) and Family (2010). On op