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FRIEZE 2014: Real art, homage or riff-off? See all three at Randall's

A fast ride up to the bridge to Randall's Island, host to the giant Frieze tent Like a stream of visiting circuses, full of color and wonder, New York's art fairs - Scope, Pulse, Frieze, NADA, and a bunch of outliers - share one frustrating thing in common: they tend to converge on the same long weekend. This makes it tough for the average art nut like me to do them all justice, even with press passes and a fast folding bike. But this year I decided to gal-up and pay the pricey $46 to attend  Frieze New York , a "first tier" art fair, according to my art dealer friend. Now, there are plenty of highbrow rants about this much vaunted art spectacle, dramatically sited "offshore" on Randall's Island. So what follows is a lowbrow account of what caught my eye in both good and bad ways. A tent fit for an  octomom's  wedding!  I had my first flat tire in ages, stalling my grand entrance. You NEVER find glass on the road when  biking i