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Milton Glaser's "In Search of the Miraculous."

"Picasso wanted everything, Morandi wanted nothing. I'm somewhere between the two." Milton Glaser (left) with distinguished designer Ralph Caplan. WHEN I spotted a tweet "Milton Glaser talk at the SVA, first-come first-served" I immediately set my alarm to arrive an hour ahead and cancelled all appointments. "There'll be stampede for this!" I tweeted out to whoever might care. There was no way I was going to miss a personal appearance by America's greatest graphic designer. Glaser's kinetic sculpture that adorns the SVA awning on 23rd Street. "The sculpture rotates every hour on the hour while displaying a commentary about the nature of time. For example, "Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday." The act of making things that move the mind is our deepest aspiration regarding miracles - Milton Glaser,   In Search of the Miraculous Born in 1929 (making him a sharp 82), t he inventor of the slogan

DIY Art Galleries: Home of the next Hirst?

Only in New York City! Someone from Downunder wrote me today, saying they'd been approached online by a Chelsea gallery offering representation. The offer came with a proviso that most painterly puritans run screaming from - a hefty upfront fee of $3000, and 30% of sales (which is less than the usual 50%). It is popularly known as a "vanity gallery," where you pay for the privilege of exposure. The question to ChelseaGallerista was, should I go for it? Well, you're looking at someone who's never taken the road well-pedaled. I made a career out of taking marketing to the nth degree by homestaying with customers year round as an invited family member. I rode a bike for a living and turned it into a platform for customer evangelism and content-driven advocacy. I look for the opportunity, not the objection. (You'll even find me asking an Amway salesperson, so what have you got that's new and good?). So, my take is about asking, rather than judging