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Damien Hirst Spot Challenge: It's time to collect!

The final resting place - with fellow Spot Challenger Kenneth Spriggs' "Spot Homage" reflected in the mirror TEN MONTHS  after 128 Spot Challengers (see  Am I Dotty ?) took off on a mad scavenger-hunt to eyeball Damien Hirst's spot paintings in 8 countries, it's time to collect from our local Gagosian. And now, a year later, one has even come up for auction at the venerable Phillips auction house  ( update 2/27/13: it sold for GBP 15,000 or around $22,750 USD). It remains to be seen if the owner's larger-than-life story behind the print may help or hinder its sale - there is no mention of it in the auction listing, and since Phillips are experts in the game, so we can only assume they decided not to "overshare."  SOLD! The  first Spot Challenge to go on the block  went for GBP15,000 in London on Feb 27, 2013. This is a snapshot of a tweet by the auction house, Phillips. The view of my print from below ... The unfurling of