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Art Basel Miami: A primer for newbies

A looker-and-maybe-collector guide to that great big art happening by the beach KNOW YOUR ART. Is this,..  a. An art collector on discovering they paid too much for a Christopher Wool? b. How  Liu Yiquan  felt after someone else bought that  $450m Da Vinci ? c. "Russian Roulette" by Eric Yahnker at  The Hole , spotted at the Untitled Art Fair? So much art, so little time ... "WANNA stay at my apartment and do Art Basel Miami"?  ME: "Does a chicken have hard lips?  CALL ME LATE to the party: my first-ever pilgrimage to this seaside artfest with decidedly "Suisse" cachet comes more than 6 years after the birth of this blog. What's my excuse? First, I live smack dab in the Chelsea gallery district of New York City, so there's art a bagel's throw from my door (this has got to make up for living in the smallest studio in the country). Second, a full palette of art fairs: Frieze, Armory Show, Untitled, Pulse, NADA