Armory Arts Week blur

Developing that photographic eye early - budding photographer
snapped by Lynette Chiang in Mike Weiss Gallery
It's been an exhausting 4 days - all the art fairs - Armory Show, Pulse, Scope Volta, Independent etc collide in one short, compressed period, causing a stampede from venue to venue. Check out the list of fairs. And it rained moonsoons on the last Sunday.

I hope one day They Inc. will make the shows span 2 weeks instead of half a week, somewhat like Restaurant Week.  I only got to see Pulse, Volta, the massive Armory Show.  More about this soon.

Then of course, there was the Phillips de Pury auction preview which in many ways, I enjoyed most.

PHOTO GALLERY: My favorites at the Under the Influence auction and here are the results.

A few things that caught my eye:

PULSE: A Hans Kotter light tube. "Could have sold it several times over," said
the gallerist. $12,000

PHILLIPS de PURY: Heliopolis IV  by Dionisio Gonzales - being auctioned by Phillips de Pury.
Sold for $8125 

PHILLIPS de PURY: Contractual Disavowal (Conditional),  2006 
Sold at auction for $3000

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