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Creepier than Krusty the Clown: Alison Schulnik at Alexander and Bonin

I love the Alexander and Bonin Gallery. I pop in several times a week when I'm in the neighborhood, and loiter longer than is decent before works that enthrall, intrigue, transfix.

Like this creepy clown, by LA artist Alison Schulnik. The eyes are like two tragic abysses, hollowed out from the thick, thick paint, perhaps with a finger. The strokes look like a supersize tube of each color - mainly black - was the actual brush. She must have gone through a truckload of tubes.

Creepy the Clown's brethren come alive in a super trippy, melancholy claymation clip called Hobo the Clown on Alison's website. Those eyes spin and merge and spread and splatter as only claymation can. Check out her other videos.

With the classic circus clown, the sad mouth is always over-exaggerated, the eyes reduced to "+" signs receding into a backdrop of pancake white. Yet here, it's like Alison is bringing those tiny eyes out of their sockets into the limelight, like dark, disturbed…