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Chris Verene: unvarnished moments in family history

[VIDEO] ChelseaGallerista meets Chris Verene at Postmasters Gallery, 2010

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IF you live in a Manhattan studio, one thing you can't collect too much of is books - especially the giant, panoramic, coffee table kind (unless you plan to use them as a coffee table). But I do own a handful: one fifth Milton Glaser, one fifth a Picasso catalog from the Paris leg of my Damien Hirst Spot Challenge, one fifth Jan Kempenaers' Spomenik (because you just have to). And two-fifths American documentary photographer, Chris Verene.

I met Chris at his show at Postmasters Gallery on the auspicious date of 10/10/10. I already owned two of his books: Chris Verene (2000) and Family (2010). On opening the covers, you are catapulted  to the very front doorsteps, rusting cars and blow up swimming pools of his extended family in Galesburg, Illinois.

Stepping through a rickety back door with flywire flapping, you are shuffled through living rooms, bedrooms…