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Frieze Art Fair NYC: Real art or riff-off?

New York abounds with art fairs converging rather frustratingly on the same long weekend - Scope, Pulse, Frieze, NADA ... plus a bunch of outlier events you read about only after they're over. It's hard for the average art freak to get to them all even when equipped with press passes and a fast folding bike.

But this year I decided to gal-up and pay the pricey $46 to attend Frieze New York, a "first tier" art fair, according to my art dealer friend. Now there are plenty of scholarly rants written about this much vaunted art spectacle, dramatically (if somewhat inconveniently) sited "offshore" on Randall's Island, New York. So here are a few things I found iPhone-worthy - remembering they never built a monument to a critic ...

It's an easy spin on the folding bike up 1st Ave with a very civilized bridge taking you to the land of luxe for a weekend: picture a giant air-conditioned tent with very fancy pop-up bathrooms - I'm talking ornate handles…