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Chelsea Art Walk: Eat, Drink, Play

I just got an email about the Chelsea Art Walk tonight.

Here's the official page: Art Walk Chelsea

Ice cream, cold drinks, the coolest art - what more could you want if you're surrounded by a scorched concrete while your hedge funding acquaintances have all fled to the Hamptons with their Barackberries for the summer?

It turns out I'm actually the FourSquare Mayor of this and a number of establishments in this area. For the uninitiated, FourSquare is a mildly addictive little game you "play" on your GPS-enabled mobile phone. It detects your location, and you hit a button to "check in". It awards you "badges" - a bit like Brownie Guide/Boy Scout emblems - for various levels of participation. The person who's been loitering in an establishment for an indecent amount of time gets awarded "Mayor" status. It seems to be something like 4 times in any one month, or once a week. Which means nothing, really, unless a business wants to ano…