Chelsea Art Walk: Eat, Drink, Play

Marla of micro-desserterie The Three Tarts - a favorite of Oprah - offers 15% off lemonade and their signature artsy ice cream cake sandwiches tonight. See you there on 20th and 9th Ave! 
I just got an email about the Chelsea Art Walk tonight.

Here's the official page: Art Walk Chelsea

Ice cream, cold drinks, the coolest art - what more could you want if you're surrounded by a scorched concrete while your hedge funding acquaintances have all fled to the Hamptons with their Barackberries for the summer?

It turns out I'm actually the FourSquare Mayor of this and a number of establishments in this area. For the uninitiated, FourSquare is a mildly addictive little game you "play" on your GPS-enabled mobile phone. It detects your location, and you hit a button to "check in". It awards you "badges" - a bit like Brownie Guide/Boy Scout emblems - for various levels of participation. The person who's been loitering in an establishment for an indecent amount of time gets awarded "Mayor" status. It seems to be something like 4 times in any one month, or once a week. Which means nothing, really, unless a business wants to anoint you with a freebie or whatever.

It's a complete waste of time but does give you something reckless to do with your hands while walking across a busy street - and yet another reason to make people think you're rude, distracted, ADHD etc.

So here's where I'm the Mayor, until my orb and scepter are wrested from my grip ...

The Three Tarts, the Oprah-endorsed micro-desserterie I wrote about on my Cheap'n'Choosy blog. No 'tude! Corner 9th Ave and 20th St.

Nest, a little treasure trove of homewares, where the urge to touch is unbearable, just up a few doors from Three Tarts.

Lingo, on 19th St between 7th and 8th Ave (close to the 8th Ave corner), is probably the most original clothing shop in the entire neighborhood. I've bought 4 things there and I wear them all, all the time.

Chelsea Recreation Center, only because I teach yoga there as part of ShapeUpNYC

Then there are all the galleries in the schedule and the ones I've been raving about in this personal blog.

Looking forward to meeting my Aussie pal Jennifer Weiley at Three Tarts and reciprocating her for my stay in her divine Fortitude Valley apartment - the Brisbane equivalent of the "village" Downunder.

Chelsea Art Walk Schedule, 29 July 2010

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