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Tattered, threadbare kimonos at Shibui: why the designers want them

VIDEO: Dane Owen talks about the Boro, or "tattered rags" used to describe patched and repurposed kimonos.
If you ever venture across the Brooklyn Bridge to Dumbo, possibly headed for the ultra-hip (in a rustic way) Vinegar Hill House restaurant for brunch, make sure you stumble around the corner to visit Shibui.
It's a treasure trove of old Japan in a cavernous, cement floor garage. The owner Dane Owen, a Santa Fe native, pops up from behind a great wall of tansu (Japanese storage cabinets, no doubt the Ikea of old Japan at the time) as a walking Wikipedia of Japanese aesthetics and the pieces he's personally collected from the Japanese countryside. 
"It's so expensive for people to get rid of things - you can't just leave them on the roadside - so you can find some amazing pieces of craftsmanship you won't see in normal stores," he said. People don't just give you stuff, however - being a Gaijin, Dane has spent years earning the confidenc…