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Street Art in West Chelsea: alive and ungentrified

ASK ANYONE who lives (as opposed to absentee-invests) in artsy West Chelsea and they'll tell you it's becoming "artless." All but the bluest of blue chip galleries are fleeing to (slightly) more affordable zip codes, no thanks to rampant "condo-mania."  Three of my favorites - Lori Bookstein Fine Art, Alexander and Bonin and Andrew Edlin, which formed an artsy little men-art a trois on 10th Ave have been swept away by the winds of gentrification.
So it I was thrilled to discover that street artists are alive and doodling, pasting, spraying and "throwing up" (in a good way - I'll explain later) in the nabe, on a tour hosted by "recovering street artist," Patrick Waldo.
Recovering from what, Patrick? A fall from a ladder at 2am while tagging an Absolut billboard? 
"I got caught," said the impossibly tall, millennial-apparent Waldo. He's got all the right creds to be leading this tour:  a couple of arrests for graffiti-in…